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Vaastu ( Vastu Shastra )
Vastu is an ancient science same as astrology. Vastu means balance of five elements of earth with our body. We know that our body is also a combination of five elements like Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. The balance of these five elements of earth with the five elements of our body is called vastu.

Astrology when combined with Vastu is called Astro-Vastu. There are 12 Zodiac sign and every human being come under one zodiac sign. Their nature, hobby, profession, property, family, health and wealth are controlled by planets. When Astrology is applied with Vastu it becomes Astro-Vastu and gives you the rules for your own favourable personal space.

In Vastu Shastra every direction comes under the jurisdiction of different planet such as North east for Jupiter, south east for Venus, south west for Rahu/Ketu, etc. So its not any thumb rule to decide a direction for in vastu for any person. Suppose for an engineer its a generic principle that the north direction must suits him or for a property dealer the south direction is most suitable.

Some of vastu experts say that the west direction is not suitable for a good growth and one must feel slow growth in west directions but if the Saturn is very prominent in your natal chart then this is not the case for you. So a good posited Saturn in any chart will be very beneficial for west direction entrance or west facing plots.

There is also a myth related South direction. In Vastu South is the direction of Yam the god of death. So mostly people try to avoid South direction but this direction is ruled by planet Mars, which gives courage and energy to work. If Mars is well placed in natal chart, one can happily stay in a south facing home.

Same methods we can use for every people by using the Astro-Vatu techniques. There are some general prescribed directions for all kind of settings in a built up structure like :-

Direction of the Main Door (AIR)
Placement of the Kitchen (FIRE)
Direction of the Portico. (AIR)
Placement of Place of Worship (LIGHT)
Placement of Storage Water / Bathroom (WATER)
Garden & Plants (EARTH)
Placement of owners Bedroom / Office (EARTH)
Storage Area / Dark Area (EARTH)
By Dr. Archarya Mahendra Pratap Joshi