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Why Indian (Vedic) Astrology

Indian (Vedic) astrology, is very ancient astrological system, somewhere around 5000 years old by conservative approach considerably better from the western system. Indian astrology is also known as Jyotisa, a word has derived from the Sanskrit "JYOTIS" which means light or heavenly body.

According to Indian (Vedic) Astrology system, events of life of every person is based on the position of planets at his / her date, time and place of birth. This system generates a very different birth chart as compared to the western astrology system.

Origin of Indian (Vedic) Astrology

The documented history of Indian Astrology(Jyotisa) starts with the interaction of Indian and Hellenistic cultures in the Indo-Greek period. However it is beleived Jyotisa was already there and was in practice in undocumented form.

Authenticity Of Indian (Vedic) Astrology

It is believed Indian astrology is one of the oldest system of astrology in the world. It is highly authentic and its forecasts are believed to be the most accurate. Because of it's accuracy, it is one of the widely used system of astrology across the world. If the date, time and place of birth are accurate and birth chart is analyzed deeply, it can even predict day to day activity of a person.
By Dr. Archarya Mahendra Pratap Joshi